STAFF Scavenger Hunt


Where hospitality blooms, a haven of cheer, A place where love greets all who appear. Scan the code in this welcoming embrace, To unveil the next clue's hiding place.

Romans 12:13 – “Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.”

instructions & rules

1-Find the QR code.
2-Take a picture of the location of the QR code. Text the picture to the hunt coordinator at 870-612-7248 for credit of the find.
3-Scan the QR code to find the next hidden location...
4-DO NOT WORK AS TEAMS! Individual participation is a must!
5-Clues and hints must be progressive as in find #1 then #2 the #3, etc.
6-A reward awaits the first to find and text all pictures in correct order to the hunt coordinator!